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Slope Protective Project

 In the field of rock fall protection, Top’s Gabion is very well known in the industry. For years, Top’s product has been used to protect infrastructures and lives. In accordance with this concept,Top’s long-earned experience in this field, coupled with its corporate orientation towards research and innovation, yielded the development of Gabion.

 Top provides a flexible response to different problems, and combines Top protection system allows the engineer to choose from a wide range of structural solutions adapted to suit the specific situation. Moreover, installations of this type are highly efficient and economic.

 The classical distinction made in works of this type is that between "active" and "passive" measures. Active measures are those that act on the causes of a phenomenon and inhibit its initiation. Passive measures, on the other hand, are those that hinder or control rockfalls or avalanches to protect the infrastructure below the slopes, such as roads, railways, buildings, etc.

Main Characteristics of Slope protective project:
  • Good adaptablity:adapting to the deformation of the groundwork.
  • High flexibility:not likely to be broken,bearing a large range of deformation without collapsing.
  • With both penetratabiliyt and non-penetratability,damage caused by fluid static power is prevented.
  • Anticorrosive and washing-away-resisting,high resistance to natural damage,bad climate,quake and impact.
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