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Since, gabion box family endowment and land gabion in the rural social box endowment is the traditional gabion box way, in agricultural collectivization gabion old-age pension, basically adopt box the farmers and family gabion box share the collective of gabion form. At present, in box the rural society endowment gabion box insurance is to establish gabion and perfect the system box of the condition, the gabion box peasants basic life safeguard gabion function is actually a box family and land to gabion box undertake, essence is established gabion on the basis of box land economy in family gabion box endowment insurance pattern. According gabion to the 2005 national box 1% population sampling survey gabion box data display, accept investigation gabion of countryside aged over box 60 million, 128.7 on gabion box labor obtain incomes have gabion 48.7 million, 37.84% weight box for other family members, gabion box rely on the support gabion of the people, and box there was 54.08% for gabion box population proportion. Families of gabion endowment insurance of endowment box insurance, the land is gabion box not mandatory, with the gabion rural economic system reform box of market economic development, gabion box the family endowment and gabion land endowment insurance also box affected and weaken.