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Gabion Mesh Sack

Installation drawings
Setting pictures

 The following are the model pictures of installing:
Gabion cage is a columniform bag woven by double hexagonal nettings, which is to the standard of ASTM A975-97, and there is a piece of thick wire for belding to close the opening.

 When it is used, its filled with selected stones to make a stable building material with good water permeability to prevent or control flood.

 We control and check the producing procedure sincerely and all of the wires are sincerely to ASTM A975-97, i.e tensive strength is above 75000psi 515Mpa ASTM A641/A641M-03

Size of Gabion

Length of cage (m)

Diameter of cage (m)

V (m3)


Quanlity Standards

BS 443-1982 ASTM
QQ-W461H 1978 , 5-CLASS3
Afnor NF A 91-131 CLASS C
DIN 1548-70 NBR 8964-85

In gabion box 1972, along with the development gabion of industry, refrigerator, television, as box a senior consumer products into gabion box the two kinds of state gabion regulations special control catalogues. In box 1980, the state of adjustment gabion box and control of original products gabion increased air conditioners and washing box machines, the movie projector, duplicator, gabion box radio and multipurpose. Then gabion with the color TV sets, box refrigerators, washing machines, began to gabion box city life, 1985, the country gabion to Topermine the scope of box goods in exclusive 14, and gabion box on the basis of a gabion color TV set, increase 17 box kinds of refrigerators and washing gabion box machines. In 1987, various electric gabion heating and increased, electrical equipment box (including water cook always shower). gabion box In 1988, catalogues and adjustable gabion control to 29, increased cleaner, box electronic typewriter, telex etc. Product. gabion box In 1992, the wireless pager gabion or mobile phone to also box become commodities, at that time, gabion box only the exclusive can reach gabion a certain level of administration box with these new communication equipment. gabion box In order to adapt gabion to the new situation of box reform and opening-up, 1993, the gabion box country needs to control the gabion catalogue sharply reduced item, directory box for 8 categories, including electrical gabion box products have air conditioning, video gabion equipment, wireless pager and audio box equipment and unit price 500 gabion box yuan and camera.