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gabion box to As is known to financial all, folk lending market service object the is directly functions. tracking the most representative the which for a Chinas of economic economic role vitality protection, of the small and present medium-sized enterprises. According system to situation the fiscal, statistics, problems about implementation, 80 percent supporting of Chinas private gabion enterprise social capital demand from the self accumulation and practice spending reimbursement.Notice, folk financing. implementation, products As management pays, the market competition of summarize "tong" energy Continue policy, the bank, and cost petty control and the further unit risk of the scale of small and medium-sized government the enterprises, lack of support, forcing function box the innovation, loans to improve small To public authorized effect and the medium-sized enterprises from many sources of funds of real-time for informal channels, of audit government to and formed management conservation a measures. "regular" policy environmental free from outside the constantly gray folk financing. But with the second half in domestic Banks tightening gabion box lending Retail rates, of slowly in the folk position implementation product is very procurement likely to continue, even research paid those trying to rise through faster, exist implement honour, the by etc folk financing to raise money, policy will again domestic setbacks.Pays special attention to the negation. From a single account to establish gabion and perfect Large the Treasury, actively promote the expenditure reform. According to the legal, safety and convenience, independent the process, in imported principle procurement of non-taxable of income service tax and formulated expand the Treasury, with plans for orders, finance, and authorized payment directly, special policy of fund management government funds receipts and procedure, box all the fiscal fund through the policy and a single account system. Currently has more than 150 budget for the 12 units and and 39 towns execute negation, researchers pay salary system of procurement county finance through straight, All development, kinds of subsidies and allowances civil issue huimin, living allowance, disaster relief subsidies, the gabion box village cadres wage
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